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Metode Pengobatan Kanker Serviks

Metode pengobatan tradisional kanker serviks antara lain operasi, kemoterapi dan radioterapi. Metode pengobatan tunggal memiliki beberapa batasan, orang yang berbeda dan kondisi penyakit yang berbeda membutuhkan metode pengobatan yang berbeda. Namun berkat kemajuan teknologi pengobatan, metode pengobatan kanker serviks pun … Lanjutkan membaca

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A Correct Attitude Plays a Key Role in Cancer Treatment

A study conducted on breast cancer patients shows that good attitude towards cancer can improve survival rate of breast cancer patients. According to the statistics, the ten-year survival rate for those who have strong and positive spirit reaches 80%; those … Lanjutkan membaca

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Six Main Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer is a common malignant tumor develops in uterovaginal portion or cervical canals. Its high incident age is around 50. It inclines to occur in the females who are married and give birth to babies early, or are proliferous … Lanjutkan membaca

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