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The Long Reach of Medicine

–International Telemedicine Becoming a Growing Force for Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou At Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, a medical team is busy in discussing the cancer diagnosis and treatment with a cancer patient from a distant region——5,200 miles away via remote … Lanjutkan membaca

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Well Prepared to Creates Miracle and Save Lives

   On April 30th, Wang Bing Shi stopped the heartbeat suddenly. Doctors and nurses from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou took emergency aid to restore the heartbeat and maintain his breath by respirator. On May 6th, Wang Bing Shi has taken … Lanjutkan membaca

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Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou Held Hand Hygiene Practice Test for Staffs

On April 15th, 18th and 19th, staffs of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou successively had a hand hygiene practice test, in which Lin Taije, Head of Medical Abministration Department, He Liangqiong, Head of the nursing department, He Fengyu, Director of Hospital. … Lanjutkan membaca

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How to Treat Cancer in Guangdong Province of China?

Recently, the movie Go Away Mr. Tumor, an adaptation of Xiong Dun’s work, is very popular in China. Xiong Dun who is a female cartoonist died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. This movie makes the topic of cancer become popular again. Actually, … Lanjutkan membaca

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