The First Choice for Health: Liver and Gall Detoxification

Long-term improper diet, pressure, haste and nervous life style, keeping inordinate hours, overload fatigue, insomnia, alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse, all these will lead to function reduction of liver and gut: the most direct influence is that the fabrication and secretion of biliary will be affected. The abnormal secretion of biliary will be developed into liver calculus and block liver. Blocking liver and gall will eventually lead to various illnesses.

Traditional Chinese and western medicine doctors believe that: constipation is the source of all illnesses. According to Valuable Prescriptions for Emergencies,the person who has constipation may have dim complexion as well. According to a Chinese Medicine book, Lun Heng, if you want live a long life, you should keep your intestines clean; if you want to be alive, you should keep wastes away from your intestines. Taoists said that if you want to be alive, you should not leave feces in your intestines; if you want to live long, you should keep your urine clear. Chinese medicine thinks that:” No dregs in bowel, no illness. Clear bowel, long life.”

One of important reasons of human body aging is that guts derived toxin flow into blood and then sabotage tissue and organ. Defective function of liver and bowel is the source of all diseases.

According to expert in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, there are some body reactions during the expelling of toxin or after.

During the expelling of toxin, it may cause abdominal discomfort, frequent urination, sticky and smelly defecation.

Those who love strong tea and coffee may reduce excretion and even no excretion.

Obesity people and long-term constipation people may have difficulties in excretion as well.

If there are dizziness, feeling like vomiting, lousy, it’s the reverse reaction of clearness.

During the expelling of toxin, the toxin may excrete through skin, and so drinking water and perspiration can relieve your body.

During the expelling of toxin, your bowel movement will be normal and smooth after smelly excretion.

Expelling of toxin can help human body losing weight, thus some people can lose some weight after that.

After the expelling of toxin, skin can be softer, shiner and more fair and clean.

After the expelling of toxin, your body can be more refreshing, feeling more relaxed and lessen pressure.

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Advantages of Cord Blood Stem Cell Implantation

Umbilical cord of new-born babies contains rich stem cells, which after special technology of collection and strict environment of storage can be used for heterotransplantation. Due to their trait of self-duplication and capability of repairing damaged cells, stem cells can replace the aged, sick or dead cells with new and healthy cells, thus maintain basic functioning of all organs. Stem cell transplantation experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou here give us a brief introduction to the advantages of cord blood stem cell implantation.

Safe, no side effect
Before transplantation, stem cells must finish a succession of strict managements, which include anti-rejection, directional induction and stabilizing, and a series of safety tests including toxicity test, genetics test and immunotoxicity test, etc. Abundant tests suggest that stem cell transplantation is free of toxicity and side effect, so it’s safe.

Short treatment course, quick therapeutic effect.
Stem cell therapy has a short treatment course and quick therapeutic effect. Take kidney failure as an example, it takes only 3 weeks before symptoms like anemia and urination inadequacy are diminished or disappear.

Capable of treating a wide scope of diseases
Stem cell treatment can be used in treating liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, Parkinson disease, cerebral palsy, stoke, myocardial infarction, diabetes, myasthenia gravis, femoral head necrosis, ulcerative colitis, motor neuron disease and so on.

Experts of stem cell transplantation from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou indicate that, stem cell implantation can not only treat diseases, but also improve patients’ immunity and therefore prevent cancer and other diseases.

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Great Importance Should be Attached to Insufficient Sleep

As human being, one third of our life is spent in sleeping, and it is believed that one will die if he/she doesn’t sleep at all for 5 days. As an indispensible life process, sleeping is an important link to body renovation, and the reintegration & consolidation of memory. It is an important component of the health.
According to World Health Organization, about 27% of the global population are having sleeping difficulties.

Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou considered that lack of sleep may result in the following harms:

A: Depression

As the days went by, insufficient sleep and sleep disorders may lead to depression. Insomnia is closely related to depression. According to a survey to 10,000 people in 2007, the group of people with insomnia has 5 times greater chances of developing into depression than the group which has no sleeping problems. In fact, insomnia is usually one of the indications of having depression.
Insomnia and depression are interacting to each other: lack of sleep will aggravate depression while depression makes one more difficult to fall asleep. In theory, treating sleeping problems helps to relieve depression, and vice versa.

B: Accelerated skin aging

You must had have experienced that experience of having yellow skin & swollen eyes after several nights of stay up. This has proved that long-term insufficient sleep may result in dark skin, wrinkles and shadows under the eyes. Your body will release more stress hormone cortisol when you are not having enough sleep, while excess cortisol will break down the collagen that helps to keep the skin’s smoothness and elasticity. However, deep sleep helps to recover the skin tissues.

C: Increased risk of death

British researchers once observed how sleep patterns influence the mortality rate of more than 10,000 civil servants in the UK for over 20 years. The study demonstrated that those who slept less than 7 hours or 5 hours or even fewer have almost 1 time greater risk of having life threatening disease. In particular, insufficient sleep makes the mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases doubled.

D: Severe health problem

Sleeping disorders and long-term insufficient sleep may increase the risk of suffering from the listed diseases: cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, heart failure, arrhythmia, hypertension, stroke and diabetes. It is also reported that more than 90% of insomniacs (especially those who are easily wake up and have difficulty in falling asleep) are accompanied with other health problems.

E: Forgetfulness & dull of mind

Want to have good memory? Take plenty of sleep every day. American and French researchers all agreed that a brain region named “sharp-wave ripples” is responsible for consolidating our memories specially. This brainwave is also in charge of information transmission from the hippocampus to the brain’s cortex. While sharp-wave ripples mostly appear only when we are in deep sleep.
Sleeping plays a decisive role in one’s thinking and studying ability. Insufficient sleep affects a person’s cognition process from different aspects. Most importantly, it distracts one’s attention, vigilance, concentration, reasoning capacity and the ability of solving problems. Thus, it leads to low studying sufficiency.

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Treated by Interventional Therapy

Treated by interventional therapy, My breast Tumor has almost Completely Disappeared

AOI TOKHONGMUANG, a Thai breast cancer patient. During the past three years, the tumor in her breast keeps growing. Fortunately, her breast tumor has almost completely disappeared after taking comprehensive treatment at St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in 2016.

Having a hunch about cancer

A tumor sized about 1cm was found in her right armpit during a routine checkup in 2013. It was confirmed to be malignant after biopsy. Unlike other cancer patients, AOI did not feel scared and was not surprised by the result. “I knew I would have cancer one day, because both my aunt and grandma were cervical cancer patients. It’s heredofamilial.” AOI said calmly. Knowing that surgery is of great risk of recurrence and metastasis, AOI refused to take doctor’s suggestion of surgery.

In the following days, AOI had been sustaining local herbal medicines to control her disease. However, circumstances never come singly. AOI’s mom suffered from cerebral infarction in 2015 and became paralyzed. It consumed much of her time taking care of her mother and ignored her own condition.

Feeling so socared after witnessing the enlargement of the tumor

Two years has passed, the tumor grew bigger as big as a size of an egg, alongside was a dull aching pain. For the first time, AOI felt scared and decided to look for better cancer treatment. On July 7th, 2016, AOI arrived at St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. After overall checkup, she was diagnosed as right breast invasive ductal carcinoma, stage III, with metastases to right armpit, supraclavicular lymph nodes, intraclavicular nodes and cervical lymph nodes.

Following consultation by the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), AOI was given interventional therapy initially. Although grade III bone marrow suppression appeared after the treatment, the MDT quickly gave him related treatment to leukocytes. The leukocytes returned to normal level soon, without any discomforts. Zhou Aijiao, AOI’s attending doctor, told us that AOI’ tumor has almost completely disappeared and she’s in good condition after taking 5 sessions of interventional therapy and other treatments. Aside from the treatments, AOI was impressed by the hospital services. She didn’t feel any discomfort or unaccustomed. “Although I take cancer treatment abroad, there’s no language barrier because MCHG offers 24 hours free translation service. Life here is really convenient, I can cook whatever I want to eat.”

Mom is my Spiritual Pillar

AOI has four siblings, but she is the one that her mom worries the most. “I’m not married, so my mom always worries that there is no one takes care of me.” AOI explained. When being diagnosed with breast cancer, AOI first wanted to lie to her mother about the result because she did not want her mom to worry. Little did she know, her mother had a hint on what was going on with her health. Upon discerning, she encouraged AOI told the truth, “No matter how bad the condition is, just tell me, I can handle it.” AOI had no choice but to tell her mom the result. Although worried, her mom still comforted her daughter by saying, “My dear, it’s OK, breast cancer can be treated.”

AOI loves her mom so much that she was determined to help her mom achieve full health by whatever means necessary when her mom was sentence to death due to cerebral infarction. In order to take good care of her, AOI has neglected her own health. Fortunately, with love and support, her mom is out of danger now. During her hospitalization in MCHG, AOI always encourages and prays for herself, hoping that she can return to Thailand to take care of her mom as soon as possible. “Mom is my spiritual pillar.” AOI said sincerely.

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Good Ways to Prevent Cancer

We always hear the occurrence of cancer in our daily life. More and more people suffer from this disease nowadays. Therefore, there is one question: is there any way to prevent cancer? Herein, specialists from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou recommend some small tips of cancer prevention.

Absorb more anion. Anion can prevent cancer since it can repair the membrane potential of aging necrotic cells after anion absorb into the body, thus to stop the vicious circle and refrain the conformation of cancer cell. Besides, anion can strengthen human’s immunity and improve patient’s life quality. Pay more attention to diet. We can eat fish and beans, etc instead of pork, beef and mutton. Eat vegetables and fruits every day; avoid eating preserved foods since they contain nitrates which can cause stomach cancer or esophageal cancer.

Take less alcohol. Excess alcohol damages human health. Quit smoking. If it’s hard to get rid of secondhand smoke, we can eat a large amount of vegetables for detoxication. Maintaining normal weight is one way to prevent cancer. Obese people have higher risk to get cancer than others. Do physical exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Besides walking and jogging, doing housework is one of best ways to practice. More exercise is benefit to our health. Finally, specialists want to remind the young to avoid exposing our skin to the sun or we are in the risk of getting skin cancer. Tanned skin is beautiful, though.

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Choose Professional and Authoritative Hospital to Treat Cancer

How can cancer patients receive better treatment effect? That is what many cancer patients and their families concerned about. WHO (World Health Organization) suggests that patients should make plans for cancer treatment, and the most important one is to choose professional and authoritative modern cancer hospital.

It is necessary for patients and their families to compeletly know about the hospital when they make choice for cancer treatment. They can know about the information of cancer treatment via different kinds of ways, for example searching on the Internet, visiting the hospital, consulting with oncologists etc. In recent years, a lot of cancer patients choose to get treament at abroad, especially chosse to go to China. It is reported that the combined therapy of Chinese and Western medicine is popular among cancer patients.

The combined therapy of Chinese and Western medicine can show each other’s advantages to improve treatment effect. Over the years, Western medicine is widely used for killing cancer cells, but the severe side effects worry cancer patients most. If Western medicine combines with traditional Chinese medicine, it can reduce side effects, improve immunity, and receive better treatment effect.

So, how do cancer patients make choice for hospital if choose to get treatment in China? Oncologist give you some advice. First, pay attention to the hospital accreditation by international autoritative medical organizations, like JCI (Joint Commission on Accrediation of Healthcare Organizations). Second, compare the treatment technology with the hospital at home, and choose the hospital which is more advanced. Third, pay attention to reasonable treatment cost. Fourth, take the high-quality service into consideration. Last but not the least, keep eyes on the hospital fraud; don’t choose the small clinic.
In conclusion, patients should choose the professional and authoritative modern cancer hospital to get treatment.

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Perayaan Natal, sukacita yang tak terbatas

Pesta Perayaan Natal di St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

24 Desember 2016 di sore hari, disertai gerimis di luar jendela,Tema acara”Perayaan Natal, sukacita yang tak terbatas”di lantai 9 ruang pertemuaan di St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guang Zhou dengan alunan penuh berlangsung.Bertepatan dengan menyambut malam Natal disertai sukacita dan berkat , acara ini khususnya ditujukan untuk mendoakan pasien,semoga seluruh pasien menang melawan mengatasi penyakitnya, dan dapat hidup bahagia. Juga sebagai sarana share berbagi pengalaman dan ide-ide antikanker untuk seluruh pasien dari berbagai Negara lainnya,disini merasakan cinta kasih tanpa batas dan saling perduli.

St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guang Zhou memperkenalkan pengobatan tumor dengan teknologi canggih minimal invasive,yang terus menerus peningkatan dalam tingkat teknologi medis. Cara pengobatannya yang lebih popular yaitu cinta kepeduliaan demi kamanusiaan St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guang Zhou telah menjadi lingkungan yang nyaman,yakin pengobatan,Dapat membantu lebih banyak lagi pasien kanker dalam segi lembaga medis. Tahun 2016 telah ribuan pasien kanker yang telah berobat di Rumah Sakit kami, telah mendapatkan kebaikan pengobatan yang efektif.

Ditengah warna-warni lampu dan alunan suara yang merdu,pasien dan keluarganya mengenakan anttribute manis Santa Claus termasuk hiasan kecil bendo , dengan sepenuh hati persiapan diatur sedemikian rupa dan menyajikan hidangan khusus membuat mereka tinggal di luar negeri merasakan nyaman seperti suasana di rumah sendiri. Ada seorang keluarga pasien berasal dari Indonesia yaitu; Christine membawakan doa bersama dan share berbagi pengalaman ibunya dalam antikanker, dia memotivasi pasien lain”Jangan takut, mari kita melawan kanker, Allah mengasihi kita semua”dan kami semua mendoakan”Semoga hari ini kita semua mendapatkan sukacita berkhat tanpa batas” Setelah upacara doa yang khusyuk, Pembawa acara memulai Pembukaan acara nya.

Sesi Lagu pembukaan dinyanyikan dengan merdu oleh Christine, lagu bahasa Inggris “Aku di sini” pasien mengungkapkan rasa terima kasih kepada Rumah sakit, bersamaan juga untuk pasien lainnya menyebarkan cinta kasih dan motivasi kekuatan.Acara berikutnya, peserta lain telah membawakan pertunjukan eksotis. Semua orang bernyanyi dan menari dan bersukacita. kemeriahan diramaikan dengan acara Game,diantaranya ;”tembak Cinta”, ”untuk melihat diantara siapa yang makan cepat”, ” permainan menjepit bola tenis dengan sumpit” tujuan Game terciptanya suasana kebersamaan pasien berinteraksi satu dengan lainnya, menjadi meningkatkan keakraban dan komunikasi. Meskipun beda bahasa beragam Negara.
Pada sesi presentasi, Santa Claus membagikan hadiah, mengirim salam mesra cinta kasih dan keakraban untuk setiap pasien dan anggota keluarganya. Seorang anak seniman berasal dari Vietnam ‘Huang Ju’dengan merdu menyanyikan lagu dengan judul ” 《Friend》menggambarkan kesempurnaan yang indah, saat ini lebih dari 100 pasien dan staff medis terharu dan bertautan hati semakin menciptakan keakraban .

Diakhir acara, seluruh peserta pasien dan keluarga berfoto bersama, setiap lembaran fotonya ada senyuman yang mengembang terlukis kenangan yang menggambarkan perasaan yang mendalam eratnya kekeluargaan antara staff medis dan seluruh pasien. Dalam kekeluargaan besar Modern Hospital,setiap saat kami berpusat pada konsep layanan”Semua berpusat pada mengutamakan pasien” sampai hari ini dan kedepan selamanya, St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guang Zhou akan focus pada lebih tinggi,sistem pelayanan kemanusiaan, demi pasien dalam segi tingkat standard layanan medis.
Lampiran foto-foto,sbb;


Pembawa acara menampilkan sulap”Pohon Natal”


Makanan penutupnya;ayam kalkun,beer anggur,kue-kue dan buah-buahan….beragam makanan diatas meja,Pasien dan keluarga sukacita makan bersama secara prasmanan.

Paman Lin Jing En,Beliau awalnya ingin menyanyikan “lagu Pengembara”karena masih ada infus,tidak dapat hadir.
tapi seiring terdengar musik saat itu, Beliau tiba-tiba muncul hadir.

Seorang anak seniman berasal dari Vietnam ‘Huang Ju’dengan merdu menyanyikan lagu dengan judul ” 《Friend》Ada seorang peserta dari Pakistan tiba-tiba naik ke pentas mengiringi nari nyanyian,meskipun berbeda bahasa, tapi sesaat menjadi sangat akrab bersama.

kemeriahan diramaikan bersama Game”tembak Cinta”,lemparan gelang bila ada yang tepat pada item yang di suka,maka boleh memilikinya.

Bagian dari Game”Hati Bertautan”,ada tiga kelompok peserta pemenang menerima hadiah menarik.

Diakhir acara, seluruh peserta pasien dan keluarga berfoto bersama dengan Staff untuk kenang-kenangan,meninggalkan moment indah bahagia selamanya.

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Breast cancer patient Violet Ramakuela is 47 years old from South Africa. In March, 2016, she was admitted to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Through comprehensive treatment, her condition has turned better and her breast tumor has disappeared. Violet is so thankful to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and speaks highly of the technologies.

In order to encourage more cancer patients to fight against cancer positively, she shared and wrote down her own anticancer experience. The following is her story.


I started by seeing the changing of the size of my breast during 2015 March. What I did I Google from Internet in South Arica. I get a doctor and went there for assistance. When I got there the doctor said lets observe this breast for 6 months. Come after 6 months to check-up, I was not given any treatment. I went home. My breast was growing bigger and bigger very fast. I started to fill something inside my breast by September.

I fly to China to the hospital where they checked me and take even the specimen they said I’ll get results after 2 weeks. When results come, they said I have cancer. I have to start the treatment. I tell them I’m ready for treatment. They said no we don’t have bed. We will check you again after a month. In November, I fly and go to the same hospital again. I paid the money but I never get help. They said no bed. I decided to google and find other hospital in China.

I went there in December, they checked me, they send me to take my specimen from the first hospital. I go up and down and collected everything for them. After they see my results, they said we cannot admit you because you are alone and we don’t have bed. By that time my breast was now slowing some of the whitish liquid out. The breast was no longer soft. It was hard. The tumor was out now, you can see it by that time. I fly back to South Africa hopelessly.

When I was back home, my breast become red were the tumor is. It started to have some small whole liquids were coming out of those holes. Then I was filling lot of pains. There were pains during the night only, during the day I was moving up and down freely without any pain. It only attacks me during the night.

On February 2016, one day I was sleeping, I just had blood flowing out of my breast so heavily. It was out of my breast so heavily. It was so heavily. It was so heavily on such a way that I can lose all the blood and colupse. Then is when I rush to the hospital. They give me some drip and dress my wound so heavily.

After 10 days, I fly to China again after I get into internet. I google the hospital “New Modern Hospital” I called them they said I must come to 3rd floor. Really I came and get Dr. Zhang. It was during March. They examined me on the 2nd of March. They send me to take my results in those after hospital. The joined together those results with their results. They admitted me immediately. They gave me chemotherapy after every 2 weeks I have to fly back to China for my medication. Then all pains stops. I never had any pain since that time.

Even now I’m still under treatments. My tumor was 8*2 when I started my treatments here. Doctor recommended the surgery for me, which they did. I never had any pain even after the surgery. Now I’m undergoing the radiotherapy which will be done 25 times to my body. Even now, I never experience any challenge.
That’s all about my story.
Thank you!

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Every Stitch Speaks for Deep Doctor-Patient Relationship


NGO THI THU HUONG and her sister with the medical staff


In the morning of Nov 28th, medical staff at ward 5 in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou received handmade gift paintings made from stitches from a Vietnamese colon cancer patient, NGO THI THU HUONG. Together with her sister, they made these paintings to express their gratitude to the director of oncology department, Dr. Peng Xiaochi, head of ward 5 Dr. Ma Xiaoying, attending physician Dr. Wang Zenghai and Vietnamese interpreter Su Yongchao.
Why Would You Choose Such Handicrafts as Gift?
According to these siblings, all materials were brought from Vietnam. It takes 3 days the most to finish such masterpiece. Every step was done with extreme care, patience and focus. Truly a work of art and traditionally done by the family to give as a token of appreciation.

NGO THI THU HUONG’s sister personally gave the handmade paintings and clothes to Director Peng and for his child. While taking the gifts Director Peng said, “I will send you a picture of my child wearing the hat and clothes. I am deeply touched by your appreciation of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Thank you!”


Every Painting Has Its Special Meaning
These paintings had their own respective and special meanings. According NGO THI THU HUONG’s sister, “Director Peng is gentle and nice, just like the swans and so I am painting two swans and wish him and his wife all the happiness.” “Director Ma is as beautiful as a rose. I added a guitar on the right corner to symbolize a beautiful music altogether.” All their paintings expresses everyone fulfillment in life and happiness.


Despite the cold weather in Guangzhou, nothing can stop NGO THI THU HUON making a hat for the baby of one of our Vietnamese interpreters. She said with pleasure, “all medical staffs are nice. They couldn’t always accompany their children due to work, so I hope I can do something for them.”

“As long as you need help, we’ll try our best to back you up”
In July 2015, due to recurrence of colon cancer after surgery, NGO THI THU HUON arrived at St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. This was her 10th time then. According to the head of ward, Ma Xiaoying, the patient often had been in relapse. After comprehensive treatment in our hospital, she got a stable condition and a good mental state. Within her first year, NGO THI THU HUON and her sister considered the hospital as their home and treated the medical staff as their families. “Every time they came back, they brought some Vietnamese handicrafts as gifts for directors and doctors at the ward.” Vietnamese interpreter Guan Baijiang when asked about their views on the development of St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, the sisters said, “I trust the doctors and the innovative technologies here. As long as you need help in Vietnam, we’ll try our best to back you up.”

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Comprehensive Treatments Help Stomach Cancer Patient Defeat Cancer


In July 2016, Bui Ba Hien from Vietnam was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer, recommended to have surgery by local doctors but refused to it and searched for better treatments instead.

On the same month when he was diagnosed, Bui was admitted in St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Multidisciplinary team (MDT) tailored a minimally invasive treatment program which used interventional therapy as the main treatment. After interventional therapy, his tumor marker has dropped significantly from 3954 u/ml to 78 u/ml. In order to treat cancer completely, Bui agreed also to undergo gastrectomy though he was skeptical about the risks of complications, the success of the surgery and the possibilities of living the same normal life.


stomach cancer, stomach cancer treatment, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, interventional therapy
Comparison of tumor marker before and after interventional therapy

The time came in Sept. 11, 2016, Bui Ba Hien thankfully survived the surgery. Tumor entirely removed. Although his weight decreased, he got improvement after a month of complete rest.

Early Nov. 2016, we paid Bui Ba Hien a visit. Though he looked thin after surgery, he was vigorous. He was busy then preparing his seafood meal which was really tasty. He stewed the food until it became tender enough to eat. Since his stomach was removed, he depended on the intestine to digest the food. Moreover, he eats in an hourly basis due to his condition. It may not be an easy experience though but for Bui Ba Hien, he still feels he is more than lucky. He said, “Compared with cancer that threatens life at any time, it is easier.” At present, he is cancer-free.

stomach cancer, stomach cancer treatment, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, interventional therapy
Bui Ba Hien and interpreter


During treatment, he was so upset on the threats the disease may bring. He is just 34 years old. With a beautiful wife, 2 adorable children and parents, he has too much responsibilities and love that cannot be abandoned, and so he must struggle to live. Ending all treatments come with the great hope that he can fully restore his health, continue to work and take all responsibilities as a son, a husband, and a father. Fortunately, through interventional therapy and surgery, he is in better condition now. There is a hope!

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