Treatment for lymphoma

Lymphoma is also known as “lymphoma”, which mostly occurs in young and middle-aged people, and the incidence rate of male is higher than that of female. Currently, certain therapies can be used into the treatment of lymphoma. However, for patients’ concern, the most important thing is to find the one with fewer side effects while possessing better effect. Then, what kinds of treatments are included? Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou introduce them as follows:

Traditional therapies:

1. Surgery. The most common treatment of lymphoma is to remove the tumor and partial surrounding normal tissues by operation. However, surgery has poor effect on lymphoma for lymph often has a systematic characteristic and thus can’t be cleared completely by operation. Postoperative recurrence and metastasis usually happen.

2. Radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is to control and kill cancer cells by using a variety of high-energy radiation. But radiation treatment is incapable of killing cancer cells completely. It is only effective to the visible lesions, but not the cancer cells in blood, lymph, etc.

3. Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy plays a supplementary role on the treatment of lymphoma. Due to the severe side effects such as vomit, alopecia and so on, many cancer patients and families won’t choose this treatment.

Minimally invasive therapies

1. Interventional therapy

Interventional therapy is a minimally invasive treatment technology combined with modern high-tech methods. For interventional therapy, only a 2 millimeter incision (puncture point) is left without operating the body tissue, having a significant effect on lymphoma and metastasis. By interventional therapy, medicines have direct effect on the lesion, which can not only improve the drug concentration of the lesion, but also reduce the dosage and side effects of drugs. Meanwhile, transarterial embolization can also be used for treatment. Transarterial embolization is to cut off the tumor blood vessels by using embolic agent so that the tumor dies out of nutrition, blood and oxygen supply.

2. Biological Immunotherapy

Biological Immunotherapy not only has the function of killing cancer cells, removing minimal residual lesions in different parts of the body and preventing tumor recurrence and metastasis, but also plays a unique role in the recovery and reconstruction of damaged immune system, which can inhibit the growth of tumor cells. Since immune cells are took from patients themselves, none rejection will appear. Therefore, Biological Immunotherapy is proved to be a safe treatment with few side effects. Regardless of physical condition, almost all cancer patients are suitable for Biological Immunotherapy. If it is combined with interventional therapy for lymphoma treatment, a better effect will be achieved.

3. Combination of TCM & Western Medicine Therapy

This treatment is to combine the strength and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Through minimally invasive targeted technology, it can damage and eliminate tumor steadily, precisely and aggressively with minimum harm to the body. Additionally, traditional Chinese medicine balances impaired health systematically to combat cancer, enhances immunity and builds up physique. Combination of TCM & Western Medicine Therapy has gained trust and affirmation from lots of patients and many Southeast Asian cancer patients even travel long distances to China for treatment.

Professor Peng xiaochi, from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, expresses that for lymphoma treatment, the earlier the better. If you already have lymphoma, please do not feel anxious. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou can perform minimally invasive treatments to help you fight against cancer better with few side effects and significant therapeutic effect.

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